MT Survey in Taiwan Evaluates the Possibility of CO2 Sequestration

ndustrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of Taiwan recently carried out a 100-site MT survey with Phoenix MT equipment. Two hundred additional stations will be acquired in 2008/09.

The three-year project will evaluate the distribution of potential reservoir and seal (cap) rocks to see if unde ground CO2disposal (sequestration) is feasible in Taiwan. If it is, there is the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming.

MT surveys use a remote reference station (ideally in a quiet area) to reduce the effects of noise. Because strong EM noise is everywhere in Taiwan, a good remote reference location is hard to find. For this survey, a remote site was selected on Penghu Island (60km offshore west of Taiwan, and 210km from the survey area). This considerably improved the data quality.

Above right: In seismic survey jargon, the equipment cabin is called the “doghouse”. ITRI cleverly used a real doghouse to protect their equipment at the remote reference site. A solar cell and car batteries supplied stable power. The 2GB flash memory card is large enough that data has to be retrieved only every 30 days.

Below right: Team members of ITRI with Phoenix engineer Gerald Graham at centre

 ITRI  is a non-profi t applied R&D and service organization.It was founded in 1973 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to attend to the technological needs of Taiwan’s industrial development. ITRI has played a vital role in the transformation of the economy from an agriculture-based model to an industrial one.

AUSTRALIA – Geoforce Buys TXU-30 Transmitter

Geoforce is a Western Australian geophysical contracting and consulting company active in Australia, Africa and Asia.

  Geoforce specializes in high-definition geophysical surveying, where rapid characterization of the subsurface is required. The company focuses on problem solving, offering capability in EM, GPR, resistivity imaging (surface and cross borehole), magnetics, surface radiometrics, and seismic (crosshole, refraction and surface wave).

Right: Justin Anning and Syd Greenham of Geoforce, a geophysical contractor in Perth, Western Australia. Geoforce recently acquired a Phoenix TXU-30 transmitter. The TXU-30 can be used with any suitable locally-sourced MG unit – here with an Atlas Copco QAS38.

資料來源:Phoenix Geophysics / The Phoenix_September 2007/ Issue 43